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Racing has become a sophisticated art in which a driver must work in an extremely close relationship with his car, team and sponsors. Today's racing requires precise engineers, passionate team, brilliant mechanics and a talented driver to win championships. However the final element to aggressively compete in today's pro racing series are the corporate sponsors whose funds provide the opportunity to fulfill the demands of a professional racing team.

The use of motorsports as a major promotional vehicle has proven effective by hundreds of companies. Sponsoring a race team creates a more comprehensive advertising platform upon which to build. This mutually beneficial relationship enhances this unique medium and allows sponsors to supplement their existing campaigns by expressing company themes and impacting sales, while simultaneously providing worldwide media coverage.

While our driver Scott Kuhne's talent is evident in his race history, 4R Motorsports also possesses a professionalism, and a highly expansive network of businesses whose main duty is to ensure the exposure of 4R Motorsports supporters through television, website broadcasts, print and advertising, special displays, driver and team appearances and corporate hospitality for employees and VIP clients.

Scott Kuhne is expected to be a championship contender in World Challenge series by utilizing the knowledge gained in previous years, developing a new car, dedicated team members, and providing the best driver at the wheel. Let us provide your business with the tools to gain enormous exposure for a fraction of the cost by creating a partnership to win a World Challenge championship with 4R Motorsports.

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